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About Us:

Since 1852, Hästens Beds has been committed to crafting the best sleep. The skilled craftspeople at our factory in Köping, Sweden, have been refining our work for generations. Every bed is bespoke and made by hand using only the best natural materials. The difference lies in the details and our quest to provide the most restful sleep for people who want to lead a higher quality of life. With operations in 35+ countries and over 200 partners in Europe, Asia and America, the small family-owned company has grown into a global producer and retailer of premium beds.

Position summary

As Marketing Coordinator, you already have visual prowess and you become better each and every time. You are meticulous, you are resilient, and you fight for your work and your work is becoming better each and every time. You are relentless against people who compromise. You have high standards, and you believe in yourself, you can become more than who you are, because you can have more than what you have.

Key priorities:

1. Next Level Photography and Film.

o Lead and execute.

o Work the products before and during photo-shoots.

o Review pictures during production and after production.

2. Thinking.

o Forming great ideas and Increased collaborating.

o Be able to choose the ideas that will create the most value and make them happen the soonest and then continue with what is next. And also having the do-both and succeed-with-both attitude.

o Learning Hästens strategy. Leading the creation of things that are right on strategy.

3. Learning.

o To comprehend what is Hästens, that is one of the world’s greatest achievements. And being able to make Hästens better, that is a beyond this world achievement.

o Setting targets/goals in your OKR’s that challenge you to create an opportunity for you to grow and become better.

You will lead and ensure the work, rapid growth, massive improvement and fine tuning for the tasks or projects you are involved in; Managing Photo-shoots and Film planning, coordinating with supplier for retouch/repro and lead on improving photography and film, documenting and take notes for each and every photo-shoot for continuing great improvement, why take notes? Well for adding to the Photo-shoot guidelines, improving it or how do you instruct and train people? And what legacy do you create for future generations by the work you do? How about making your life’s work at Hästens, well that’s exciting! Improving Guidelines, File structure, naming files, naming folders, organizing structure for pictures and videos and more.

You’ll also assist with the organizing, photocopying and digital scanning of printed materials. You’ll also mark up any old or new photo-equipment and develop guidelines on how the photo studio is to be organized. It is important that Hästens material of historical value are saved for the future - it’s proof.

You are obligated to write your Objectives and Key Results for each quarter and also for the entire year. Also, that you grade yourself for each quarter and also yearly review yourself and take inventory on yourself, you can do so during the holidays as you write your OKR’s for the next year.

You need a list of your goals, your vision of the future. These are 5 main areas of focus: Physical, Mindfulness, Spiritual, Business/Financial, Relationships.

Great individuals are making the Hästens Team, and You are in the Hästens Team.

You are 100% responsible for making things happen, whether that is making the time to work with product managers to have products delivered to the photo-studio, booking the team for preparing products for photo and/or assist during the shoot. It’s up to you to make it happen.

You are responsible for being resourceful, delivering your work in time. And also thinking, improving work processes for working smarter and way of working. You are also responsible for communicating to your coworkers and managers whether something is going to slow/lack of response/or simply stuck, and also your solution so that actions are being made to un-stuck that thing/person and speeding things up. Whether that is in the Marketing Department or any other Department, momentum is key.

Working with the Hästens Family:

You have members from the family active and operative and it’s important that you keep them informed about photo-shoots, filming and creative, you’ll be working with Brand Marketing Lead and others.

This position is reporting to Brand Marketing Lead. Presentation of your work can happen daily, morning and evening. Reporting occurs every 7 day and on a monthly basis. We do bring up things on a daily basis in real time and solves it.

Primary responsibilities

1. In the spirit of Hästens. Mastery in your own self. 

2. Setting Goals. Write your OKR’s. Work correctly with OKR’s and set objectives that challenges you. So that you grow and flourish so that Hästens grows and flourish. 

3. In the spirit of Hästens. Make great photography and film. Raise Hästens standards. Become better each and every time. 

4. Be able to work in a Functional / Matrix Organization in a fast-growing company. You may report and inform to more than 1 person. And collaborate with different departments. 

5. Having a Yes-Do Attitude. And the great ability to go into details and ensure quality. Visual Prowess. God is in the details. 

6. Having Fun.

Experience and other requirements

1. Experience

· Engineering:

o Can be a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management.

o Can be that you have a degree in engineering and are at/around the start of your work-career.

2. Other requirements

· Position is based in Köping, Sweden. Best amount of travel may happen for those photo-shoot locations that requires it.

· Excellent communication skills in English and Swedish; written, spoken and gestured.

· Read and reflect on the Hästens Blue-check values and use them in your way of being.

· Familiar with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects and Creative Cloud. Apple iWorks. iMovie. Microsoft 365. Zoom. Apple TV. iOS. MacOS.

· Familiar with Social Media Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Primary Responsibilities in the Spirit of Hästens  

  • Possess mastery in yourself. 
  • Develop and set YOUR own Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and set goals that challenge YOU based on FIVE main areas of focus: Physical, Mindfulness, Spiritual, Business/Financial, and Relationships. As YOU grow and flourishHästens will blossom as a direct result.  
  • Raise standards by becoming better YOU each-and-every day. 
  • Work within a matrix organization that is a growing heritage brandwhere you will be led by one or more functional expertsand collaborate cross-functionally. 
  • Serve in “Can-Do attitude mode and exhibit an exceptional ability to decipher complex details/data, in order to ensure the same high quality and standard of our beds. 
  • Commercially, creatively, and spiritually driven in your deliverables and communication. 
  • Consistently meet and exceed designated targets and deadlines. 
  • Establish yourself as the "go-to" person for sleeping advice and Brand Ambassador, regardless of your role within the organization. 
  • Be HAPPY. Have FUN. LOVE YOURSELF and sharYOUR ABUNDANCE with EVERYONE in your circle of business and life. 

Personal Competencies: 

  • Positive Mindset and the Highest Vibrations of Enlightenment
  • Openness to Hästens' ValuesCulture, and Heritage. 
  • Creativity: At Hästens, EVERYONE is a CREATOR! 
  • High energy and stamina to work across time-zones.  
  • Positive and service-driven interpersonal skills. 
  • Ability to attract people and business opportunities by being PRESENT and AUTHENTIC. 
  • Proactive approach in all facets of your role and communication; OUTREACH is key for generating flow of ideas, concepts, and sales. 
  • Passionate and meticulous about excellence and striving for getting it “just right the first time. 
  • Team-oriented and collaborative 
  • Visionary: able to see Possibilities vs. Obstacles and making a measurable difference 

Credentials and Expectations: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree or MBA (preferably highly ranked in your graduating class and emerging in the workforce).  
  • Logic, Creativity, and Quantitative Skills 
  • Written and verbal fluency in English (Hästens’ business languagea must; additional written and verbal fluency in other languages based on geographic region a plus. 
  • Availability to work flexible schedules (including weekends, special events, evening hours) to fulfill retail hours or global time zones and deadlines depending on role. 
  • Ability to comprehend and reflect the essence of  Hästensand contributing to the evolution of its uniqueness and its thriving future.
  • Uphold the Hästens Blue-check values and embody them in your everyday actions. 
  • Familiarity with Digital Solutions, Systems, and Social Media Platforms 
  • Deep and wide cultural worldviews and memetics. 
  • Genuine interest in joining Hästens for its mission open and flexible to GENERAL placement within the company. Trust that we will place you where we believe you can learn most and offer the most value to Hästens. 
  • Flexibility to travel domestically and internationally (depending on role and travel restrictions). 
  • Student of Success and Theory: Andrew Carnegie, Brene Brown, George Westinghouse, Earl Nightingale, Michelle Obama, Jim Rohn, Sara Blakely, Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Carol Dweck, Elon Musk, Maya Angelou, Larry Ellison, Alice Walker, Jack Trout, David Hawkins (Scale of Enlightenment), Clare W. Graves (Spiral Dynamics) George Lucas, Mark Cuban, and others. 


Hästens is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

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